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Bergen Logistics Executive Marjorie Ramos Joins Spectrum Works Board of Directors

Spectrum Works CEO praises appointment, looks forward to collaborating

SECAUCUS, NJ – Spectrum Works, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering autistic individuals through job training and employment support, is proud to announce the appointment of Marjorie Ramos, Chief People Officer at Bergen Logistics, to its Board of Directors. Ramos brings extensive experience and passion for promoting inclusivity in the workplace and will help further Spectrum Works' mission of creating more opportunities for the often-overlooked population of neurodiverse people. 


Marjorie Ramos began her collaboration with Spectrum Works in 2021 when Bergen Logistics partnered with the nonprofit to establish an autism job training program at its North Bergen location. Through this partnership, she witnessed firsthand the positive impact the partnership had on the lives of the autistic individuals and the Bergen Logistics employees. Having previously served on Spectrum Works' advisory committee, Marjorie’s appointment to the Board of Directors, which coincides with Spectrum Works' 10th year of operation, will allow her to leverage her expertise and influence to contribute to increasing awareness about the untapped potential and unique strengths that autistic individuals possess and work closely in collaboration with Spectrum Works to ensure that employers recognize and utilize these talents to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce. 


“Spectrum Works is thrilled to announce the appointment of Marjorie Ramos to our Board of Directors," said Ann Marie Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Spectrum Works. “Marjorie brings with her a wealth of experience combined with a passion for empowering individuals and cultivating inclusive communities, which aligns perfectly with the core values that Spectrum Works holds dear. Her strategic insights will help guide Spectrum Works and enable us to reach even greater milestones in our mission to create inclusive workplaces for autistic individuals. With her deep understanding of talent management and commitment to diversity and inclusion, Marjorie is poised to make a significant impact in advancing Spectrum Works' initiatives and driving positive change within our organization.”


According to recent statistics, approximately 1 in 36 children in the United States are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and approximately 85% of autistic adults are unemployed. Additionally, due to the scarcity of opportunities in supportive work environments, nearly half of 25-year-olds with autism have never held a paying job. Spectrum Works aims to address these challenges by providing job training, employment support, and raising awareness about the valuable contributions autistic individuals can make in the workforce.


“I am honored to join the Spectrum Works Board of Directors and contribute to their important work," said Marjorie Ramos, CPO Bergen Logistics. “I firmly believe in the power of inclusive employment and the value it brings to both autistic individuals and the companies they work for. As an HR professional, I have been committed to fostering an environment where individuals are recognized and valued for their unique contributions to the workplace, both within Bergen Logistics, and society as a whole. Together with Spectrum Works, I am excited to help promote inclusive employment opportunities, leading to healthier lives and more promising futures for autistic adults. I am eager to continue the wonderful work they are already doing to ensure that those on the spectrum in New Jersey are no longer being overlooked and undervalued and collaborate with the board to drive positive change in the lives of those we serve.”


Ramos' appointment to the Spectrum Works Board of Directors reinforces the organization's commitment to diversifying its leadership team with individuals who possess a deep understanding and a passion for fostering inclusive workplaces. Spectrum Works is poised to revolutionize the landscape of inclusive workplaces, creating a future where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can realize their full potential.

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