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Unlocking Potential,
Meeting Business Needs

Become a Spectrum Works Partner Company Today!

We want to help your company build a program to train and hire autistic adults, so you can create a more inclusive workplace, while tapping into a pipeline of dedicated and talented employees.

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Did you know that companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Ernst & Young, Rent the Runway, and Bergen Logistics have set up comprehensive, professional programs to hire, integrate and retain autistic employees?

They all have a similar business case: Culture of Inclusion, Untapped Talent to meet demand for employees, Giving Back to local community, and Social Impact.

Benefits for Companies

  • Make a social impact and drive social change – JOBS CHANGE LIVES.

  • Gain a source of dedicated, hard-working, focused, loyal employees.

  • Create an inclusive and diverse workforce culture that values the abilities and perspectives of everyone.

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  • Reduced turnover, as autistic employees typically stay at companies.

  • Increase image as a socially responsible company ~ 87% of Americans would prefer to buy from companies that employ people with disabilities.

  • Increase internal volunteer and mentorship opportunities through support networks and employee resource groups.

Our Signature Employment Program is a customized, scalable solution that can help build more diverse companies without overburdening internal resources.

That means your company receives a direct pipeline for recruiting new talent that is dedicated, loyal, creative and highly likely to remain in their positions over the long term, helping mitigate staffing and retention challenges.


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Spectrum Works offers hands-on support during the internship and ongoing after direct hire from a partner company. You get to know potential employees over time, as trainees, before making hiring decisions. Spectrum Works guides you through the whole process. We make it easy.

We also offer training and certification programs to help current employees support neurodiverse colleagues and build welcoming communities for everyone.



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