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After only two days working remotely with our students, I am already impressed and grateful. Your staff are well prepared and have done an excellent job providing a shared environment for engaging virtual work and learning."

– Keith Pearson - SLE Program Coordinator, FBLA Advisor,
   Newmark Education.


"Thank you Spectrum Works for showcasing the abilities of others rather than disabilities.  My son is using the tools learned with the staff and community at Spectrum Works as he continues to grow. Spectrum Works is changing lives. Keep up the great work, and thank you!" 

- Annette, Parent

The Spectrum Works Online Remote Work/Learning programs are a dynamic combination of live videoconferencing, office work assignments, job readiness training, and career building skills with experienced job coaches. 

Programs are available to:  

  • High Schools (students aged 16 to 21) 

  • Individual Learners Aged 16 to 21 (for parents who wish to enroll their child apart from a high school program) 

  • Individuals with autism Aged 21 and over 

  • Universities 


Courses in the Adobe Creative Suite (graphic design), Microsoft Office, project management software, and other IT software may be taken individually or as part of a program. 

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Office work is customized for each participant according to skill level and areas of interest and can include, graphic design, social media, expanded computer skills including data entry, IT platforms, internet research and other business-related jobs.  In addition to the key elements of our traditional programs, participants will also learn and use all the industry standard technology needed to work remotely

Job readiness training focuses on these soft skills, among others: time management, self-regulation (stress management), workplace expectations, workplace communication (including self-advocacy), personal hygiene, and workplace etiquette.  

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Career building skills include job searching, resume and cover letter writing, interviewing, and social media profile building including LinkedIn.  

The program is offered in four tiers: 


  • Internship & Job Readiness (Soft Skills) 

  • Internship without Job Readiness (Soft Skills) 

  • Job Readiness (Soft Skills) Only 

  • Individual Courses: Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, etc. 

The online programs allow for a valuable experience in how to work remotely as part of a 21st century business environment.  

Spectrum Works, a trusted leader in autism and employment, has influenced hundreds of young adults with autism through our innovative Job Training  and  Employment Program and Prevocational Training Program.  It educates, trains and prepares individuals with autism with the acquired skills necessary for work and life success.  


Join us online along with many participating high schools and individuals with autism for this highly interactive and engaging virtual learning and work experience! 


Now we’re online!  View our traditional Job Training & Employment Program brochure


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You may also contact our program manager, Beverly, at or 201-552-2055 

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