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“Spectrum Works has changed my life in so many ways. I am happy to have been able to work for them as they helped me develop skills that I will happily use after I move on from them. The growth of my personality and interest/social skills could only have been possible with the help of Beverly, Alex, Andrea and finally the CEO of Spectrum: Ann Marie. It would not have been possible without their support.” - Noah Busch, Current Spectrum Student. 

Kind, friendly, and thoughtful are just a few words to describe Noah. He is currently participating in Spectrum Works high school job training program but is looking forward to full-time employment after he graduates in June. Noah has been working at both Green Distribution and Rent the Runway where he excelled in the hanging department. Noah made his mark at Rent the Runway by mentoring students and achieving the required goals for his department.


Noah’s proudest moments are when he sees his name at the top of Rent the Runways’ monthly employee productivity poster.  His self-confidence has improved tremendously since he first came to Spectrum Works.

In addition to being a part of the Spectrum Works community, Noah shares reviews and stories that he has written on an online community. He reviews recent books and movies but especially Star Wars, which leads the pack. He shares these reviews and stories with his friend Dominick, who is also a student at Spectrum Works. They share mutual interests and hobbies, and you can always find them eating lunch outside in all kinds of weather. They have developed a deep friendship over the years which has had such a positive impact on both of their lives.

In a few months, Noah will leave Spectrum Works and begin a new journey utilizing all the skills that he has learned. There is no doubt that Noah will succeed in his future endeavors.             


"Thank you Spectrum for showcasing the abilities of others rather then disabilities. Working hand in hand with others brings out strength and confidence, and produces healthy hard working adults. My son Noah has blossomed in all aspects given the opportunity to work with Spectrum Works and the caring people around him. I’m sure he will use the tools learned with the staff and community at Spectrum  Works in the future as he continues to grow.

To all of the wonderful staff at Spectrum Works: Just a very big thank you for all you do. Please know that although you may not hear it as much as you should, your work with the gang at Spectrum Works is changing lives and greatly appreciated by not only Noah, and his family, but many others as well. Keep up the great work, and thank you!"

- Annette, Parent. 

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