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“Working for Spectrum Works is great! I have certainly improved as a person since working here. I most definitely enjoy working under the supervision of my ever so excellent supervisor Andrea. That is A as in Anthill, N as in Nitro, D as in Darius, R as in Rope, E as in Excellent, and A as in Amazing.” – Kyle Alexander Gregg, current Spectrum Works student. 

Kyle is currently pursuing his Computer Science degree with an end goal of finding a career working with computers.  Kyle strives to work on one major tech related project a year, the most recent is the purchase of a raspberry pi (a series of small single-board computers) and preparing it as an emulation device.  Confident in his computer skills and his ability to self-teach, he has begun to focus some of his free time on video/audio editing and looks to dabble in amateur music production.

Spectrum Works has provided Kyle with an environment where he can thrive and job coaches that teach the skills that will enable him be successful.  Recently, Kyle has been using some of these newly acquired skills to create video footage for the company website. Kyle also helps with the company’s t-shirt orders. Kyle prefers office work but also enjoys working in the factory at Green Distribution – his most recent project was recording inventory for Travis Scott’s Astro World Tour.  Spectrum Works gives students the opportunity to work on real projects in order to obtain a comprehensive job training experience.

Kyle has had many accomplishments since entering the program at Spectrum Works.  “I like to dream big” is the motivation that drives him to work towards his goals and learn new skills.  His creative nature along with his interest in furthering his education will certainly prepare him for a successful future.

While Kyle continues studying for his degree, he is also working remotely for partner company Green Light Development. 

“Kyle is a great young man to work with! He has been a tremendous help with the shooting and video editing for our company’s website! He always has something funny to say to brighten everyone’s morning. Everyday is an exciting one with Kyle!” -Andrea Franco, Spectrum Works Job Coach



"Spectrum Works has been a great asset in helping complete time sensitive projects with very little preparation. Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kyle. He has demonstrated a comprehensive and professional work behavior while exceeding project expectations. Spectrum Works has left a positive, lasting impression that has allowed me to consider its students a reliable part of my team." -Alan Gagliardotto, Green Distribution

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