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Dominick came to the Spectrum Works program three years ago and has grown exponentially in a number of ways. He splits his time doing design work in the office, putting together sample packs for a partner company mailing orders and doing “improv” with his good friend, Noah, who is also a student at Spectrum Works. Dominick and Noah quickly became friends, sharing interests like acting out their favorite characters Don Karnage from Tail Spin and Shego from Kim Possible. “We talk about everything…and sometimes too much, but Beverly lets it slide.” The program at Spectrum Works was designed to provide job training and employment to individuals with Autism. For Dominick, it does just that and so much more. Participating in the job training/employment program has increased Dominick’s self-esteem and independence, improved his social and professional skills and has introduced him to his best friend.

Dominick has a strong interest in graphic design work, and Spectrum Works gives him the opportunity to create his own designs which they proudly use. You can hear the pride in his voice when asked about his passion for design and creating his own work. He once designed a “Thank You” card that was sent out to over three hundred Spectrum Works donors! Dominick continues to gain experience in graphic design and speaks very highly of the program, “Considering that Spectrum Works specializes in empowering individuals with Autism, it just seems like a good fit for me.”

In addition to his design contributions, Dominick and his family support Spectrum Works outside of the program. They too believe in the vision and mission of Spectrum Works, and help to raise awareness that individuals with autism can be great employees through hosting their own fundraising events. Their #FitnessUnitesToGoBlue event has grown tremendously over the last three years and has not only raised awareness but donations to help fund the job training program.

When Dominick isn’t perfecting his photoshop skills, listening to music, watching YouTube videos, or Disney movies (his favorites are Frozen and Monsters Inc.) he can be found at Disney World with his family. This includes his sister, who he adores, and lucky for him is employed there! His love for Disney – the movies and the destinations are evident and his knowledge of both is to be envied by fellow Disney lovers. His trips to Disney include rides on Space Mountain in Magic Kingdom, Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios, Test Track in Epcot and Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom.

"It was meant to be from the very beginning… it really gives him the ability to do something that he loves to do." Donna Romano, Parent. 



“Spectrum Works has impacted my life because it has encouraged me to learn new skills with graphic design. I’ve learned Photoshop which has helped me create designs for the company that they use for different events. Overall, working at Spectrum Works has helped me gain independence, self-confidence, and ambition. I’ve also been able to meet some of my best friends while working here who share the same interests as I do.” - Dominick, Current Spectrum Student 

"Dominick has been one of my favorite students to work with here at Spectrum Works.  He is always willing to take on a new task and help out where needed.  Dominick is also my go-to student when I need a photoshop-related project to be completed.  During my time here at Spectrum, Dominick and I have bonded over our mutual love for Disney and often discuss the topic while we work.  It has truly been a pleasure to work with Dominick and watch him grow!" - Alexandra Garcia, Spectrum Works Job Coach 

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