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Meet Dennis 


Some people spend their whole lives searching for their passion, but not Dennis.  Dennis’ focus and drive to succeed professionally is his number one passion in life.  

Dennis is 25-years old and was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of four. He graduated from Bergen Community college with an Associate's degree in Graphic Arts in 2015. His dream was to get a job working in graphic arts and to create his own animated television series.

Dennis began an internship with Spectrum Works five years ago and was a tremendous asset to the team.  While at Spectrum, he was awarded Employee of the Month, which remains one of his fondest memories.  Spectrum helped secure a job for Dennis at its partner company FM Expressions as a full-time prepress artwork designer (step 1 of his dream checked off).

While working at FM Expressions, Dennis achieved something amazing. He was engaged as a consultant for PBS where he reviews scripts for a new animated series about a character with Autism. Dennis has also created his own animated TV series, The Taylor Cubs, which he is currently trying to publish.  (We hope step 2 of his dream will be checked off soon.)

Dennis is hardworking, ambitious and advocates for individuals with autism. He is an amazing role model to others. He was a presenter at the 2018 Dare to Dream conference at Montclair University that profiles people with disabilities who have “achieved the things they dream of”.  

Dennis’ ultimate dream is to make enough money to own a zoo or an animal shelter. He is a role model for young adults with disabilities who are striving to achieve their dreams through hard work and perseverance!


"It has been my honor to mentor Dennis on his prepress journey at FM Expressions. Knowing that I can make a difference gives me sense a sense of pride. Dennis has rightfully earned his place on our team due to his willingness to learn and his ability to find creative solutions." - Will, FM Expressions. 

"Although Dennis is well known for his work ethic and drive, many know Dennis for his kind nature.  His kindness is unmistakable which makes working and just knowing Dennis a pleasure."  – Grace Kennedy, FM Expressions. 

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