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A former Spectrum Works student, now employed by Green Distribution, Albert attributes the skills he has gained for employment to the program at Spectrum Works. Albert, who is in his mid-20’s, is employed full time at Green Distribution. He works in the “Pick and Pack” department and does just what the name implies. Albert scans the order, finds the ordered tee shirts, many of which feature rock stars and musicians such as Lady Gaga and The Rolling Stones, and then packs the order for shipping. Quite a job! He is dedicated and driven as shown though his work ethic. Albert is a role model to students in the program and has even mentored some of our staff.

In addition to learning his role at Green, Albert has grown as an individual. He has learned to overcome challenges in his everyday life. Albert has a “can do” attitude and believes that you can accomplish what you put your mind to. “Take one step at a time” is his go to motto.

In his free time, Albert enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

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