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Change a life, sponsor an internship. 

Sponsor an entire internship

For $12,000 you can fully fund a twelve-month internship for an individual with autism. Sponsor one month for only $1,000.


100% funds the internship including the intern’s salary and the job coach.


At present, there are programs that teach soft skills; there are organizations that do job coaching; and there are some employers (but not many) who understand the value of hiring people with autism.  Spectrum Works' innovative employment program brings together these clinical and practical aspects, working in real companies.

Innovation requires support.  Spectrum Works’ twelve-month program will be sponsored by donors like you.  We are asking for your support to help prepare and employ these individuals now, so they can be productive members of society, requiring fewer supports in the future.


Spectrum Works’ unique employment program offers young adults with autism the skills, real life job experiences, and networking opportunities they need to get and keep a job.  The twelve-month program incorporates integrated on-the-job training, classroom-based learning, and competitive employment opportunities via partnerships with local corporations.  Our innovative program provides a structured pathway that can lead to competitive employment in one of our partner companies.


Social deficits pose great challenges for people with autism, and often this lack of soft skills creates their greatest obstacles to obtaining and maintaining employment.  In order to maximize success on the job, Spectrum Works dedicates part of our program to teaching and practicing these skills (e.g., communication, conflict resolution, managing stress, problem-solving, etc.) through fun and dynamic hands-on activities in a classroom setting.


Since Spectrum Works partners with existing companies, participants get the unique opportunity to apply and practice these skills in a truly integrated work setting early on and throughout the program.  Program staff support the individuals in both settings, so they can tailor their instruction to participants’ workplace experiences.  


Those participants who navigate the program successfully, demonstrating sufficient levels of productivity and autonomy, have the chance to become directly employed by one of our partner companies if a position is available.  Spectrum Works graduates who become employed at one of our partner companies undergo a three-month trial period with the company in which they need to continue demonstrating a high level of performance (in both soft and hard skills). Once they have successfully completed their three-month trial, employees are hired by the partner company on a more permanent basis.  And, Spectrum Works continues to provide support when needed.  Sponsor an internship and change a life!

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