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Did you know we hosted a virtual presentation about Spectrum BRIDGES with Family Office Networks?

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Spectrum BRIDGES is a new education and workforce development platform from the experts at Spectrum Works, an experienced provider of autism services for individuals and companies in New Jersey since 2013.

Using an affordable subscription model, the Spectrum BRIDGES platform will connect companies, high schools, higher education institutions, service providers, caregivers and autistic individuals around the shared goal of successful employment for neurodiverse people. Platform subscribers will enjoy easy access to relevant educational materials, time-saving resources, and user-friendly tools that foster relationships and empower platform users to meet their goals.

Above all, by combining the experience of Spectrum Works with the accessibility of a digital platform, Spectrum BRIDGES will empower young autistic adults to find and keep meaningful employment and serve companies that understand and value their capabilities, across the nation rather than just in New Jersey. It’s a win-win!

We have made significant progress in the initial development of the platform, thanks to financial support from the Center for Discovery, Innovation and Development, an initiative of Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH). CSH is an affiliate of RWJ Barnabas, has an active caregiver network serving 10,000 autistic children, and saw the immense importance of the development of this platform.

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Your gift will help us reach our initial goal and make a huge difference for young adults with autism across the nation.


As mentioned above Spectrum BRIDGES enjoys financial support from the Center for Discovery, Innovation and Development, additional platform sponsors and prelaunch purchasers are listed below...

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Is your company interested in sponsoring the development of this life-changing platform? Make a donation today to be a part of our important initiative from the start and show your company's commitment to the inclusion and integration of people with autism in the workplace. Through your donation you are also pre-purchasing access to the platform services. For more information about sponsorship options and perks, please check out the below form or email Thank you in advance! 

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