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Engage. Employ. Empower. 

Spectrum Works is a unique nonprofit that creates job opportunities for individuals with autism by building inclusive workforces at companies. Click the button below to see how your company can make a difference. 

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85% of adults on the autism spectrum are unemployed.
We're on a mission to change that.


There are 5.4 million autistic adults in the US today, and between 700,000 and 1 million autistic teens are graduating from high school in the next ten years. Many have the desire to be employed but lack the skills and experience in an integrated workplace, as well as opportunity.

Companies want diverse and inclusive workforces but need
support to identify, engage, and integrate autistic individuals.

We can provide that guidance.

Companies that have implemented autism employment programs highlight numerous advantages, including harnessing untapped talent to meet workforce demands, fostering an inclusive culture, contributing to the local community, and making a meaningful social impact.

The Spectrum Works Solution is the bridge.

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are not aware that autistic individuals can be productive workers and lack the knowledge of how to successfully integrate them into the workforce.

are disconnected from career pathways and job training in an integrated workplace.


We believe that autistic individuals can be integrated into the workforce through education and opportunity.  Our vision is to change society’s perception of how corporations can seamlessly employ and integrate people on the spectrum into their workplace. Spectrum Works has created a scalable program that can be customized to companies to start their integration of people with disabilities into their workforce. 

Raise Awareness

Change society’s perception of how corporations can seamlessly employ and integrate people with autism into their workplace. 

Build Inclusive Workforces

Partner with companies to design diverse abilities and inclusion strategies, consult and advise on execution, train company managers and employees, and implement scalable on-site employment programs. 

Transition From School to Workforce

Incorporate high school and university internship programs for individuals with autism into companies. Provide on-the-job training, classroom-based soft skills training, and career development.

Coach & Train

Support interns and employees with autism at the partner company. Train the company’s staff and work with them to track progress and improve outcomes.


The Spectrum Works model helps young autistic adults live up to their potential for stable, successful, economically self-sufficient lives and, at the same time, helps partner companies create integrated workforces. 
The majority of the participants we have served are employed, attending college, or are currently participating in Spectrum Works' job training program. 

Our organization’s philosophy is to use a mixture of identity-first (for example ‘autistic person’) and person-first (for example ‘person with autism’) language, to reflect the diversity of preferences in the autism community.
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