Have you heard about the #GoSpectrumBlue Challenge?

The BLUE campaign is an initiative by Spectrum Works to raise awareness and to spread the word that individuals with autism can be great employees. We are challenging people all across the US and around the world to #GoSpectrumBlue by creating a BLUE bitmoji, posting it on social media, and challenging others to #GoSpectrumBlue !

Whats the Challenge?

1. Create your favorite blue bitmoji

2. Upload it to social media and include the bubble text below.

3.Tag @spectrumworks and #GoSpectrumBlue

4. Challenge your friends and family!

Upload Bitmoji
Max File Size 15MB
Upload Facepaint
Max File Size 15MB

Did you know that 80% of individuals with autism are unemployed? The goal of the #GoSpectrumBlue challenge is to raise awareness about these facts, to spread the word that people with autism can be great employees, and to raise funds to support the Spectrum Works job training and employment program.

Make this your status and change your profile picture to a blue bitmoji for one month to help raise awareness for autism and employment. Then challenge your friends and your family who like your picture! 

Make sure to tag @SpectrumWorks and use the hashtag #GoSpectrumBlue for a chance to be featured on our website for our bitmoji challenge 

For more information about our program visit:www.spectrumworks.org

Help Spectrum Works create jobs for young adults with autism! 
The #GoSpectrumBlue challenge spreads the word that people with autism can be great employees.


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Give one person an opportunity for meaningful employment by sponsoring an internship.  
A gift of $12,000 funds a one-year internship and a gift of $1,000 funds one-month of job training. 

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