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Why are more and more companies seeking out autistic employees? 

Did you know that large corporations such as Microsoft , SAP and Ernst & Young have set up comprehensive, professional programs to hire, integrate and retain autistic employees?

Companies that have implemented autism employment programs highlight numerous advantages, including harnessing untapped talent to meet workforce demands, fostering an inclusive culture, contributing to the local community, and making a meaningful social impact.


So, how can partnering with Spectrum Works benefit your company?

  • Make a Social Impact & Drive Social Change (JOBS CHANGE LIVES).

  • Gain a Source of Dedicated, Hard Working, Focused, and Loyal employees.

  • Create an Inclusive & Diverse Workforce Culture that values the abilities and perspectives of everyone.

  • Reduce Turnover as autistic employees typically stay at companies long-term.

  • Improve your Image as a Socially Responsible Company. Studies show that 87% of Americans would prefer to buy from companies that employ people with disabilities.

  • Increase Internal Volunteer and Mentorship Opportunities through support networks and employee resource groups.


  • Build an inclusive workforce

  • Increased image as a socially responsible company

  • Gain a source of entry level, diverse human capital

  • Hands on support during the internship and ongoing after direct hire from partner company

  • Get to know potential employees over time, as trainees, before making hiring decisions

  • Company’s staff have an increased positive image of their employer

  • Built in mentorship & volunteer opportunities for employees

  • Positive impact to financials



Spectrum Works has created scalable programs that can be customized to companies to start their integration of autistic adults into their workforce. Corporations working with Spectrum Works can deliver quantifiable and tangible “corporate social responsibility” initiatives at minimal cost to the company. These innovative solutions are segmented into four levels for companies including onsite employment program, customized seminars, company impact events, diverse-ability committee development, and much more.


Six partner companies have implemented our program (Rent the Runway, Green Distribution, FM, Bergen Logistics, American Dream Mall, and Walgreens), over one hundred individuals with autism have been through the program, more than fifteen schools have participated, and we are now in a position to take the model nationwide.

Are you ready to make a difference? Become a partner company and provide a path to meaningful employment for individu­als with autism! The Partner Company Program levels are explained below. If you need just a little more information before you can make a difference, please reach out to

Teaming up with Spectrum Works has been the most impactful and worthwhile initiative Green achieved since it started in 2013. I am proud of my employees who tirelessly champion the message that true integration for all people regardless of disability should be a nationwide initiative. Every person that has come through the Spectrum Works program is valued and contributes positively to our company." 

- Robert Butters, Green Distribution, founder

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Spectrum Works partners with companies to build its employment training program for individuals with autism into their everyday operations. Spectrum Works provides training and guidance to company’s staff, and collaborates with them to track progress. Spectrum Works’ unique approach incorporates high school and university internship programs for individuals with autism into companies. 


Spectrum Works job coaches support students giving feedback, helping them develop professional skills, and ensuring their goals are met.  The students who navigate the program successfully, demonstrating sufficient levels of productivity and autonomy, have the opportunity to become directly employed by one of our partner companies.  Spectrum Works continues to provide support to those directly hired by the partner company.

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Rent the Runway 

Online designer dress rental services. Jobs include: sorting dresses, with use of different technology (ring scanners and wrist tablets), prioritizing orders and other jobs working on organizational skills

Green Distribution

A large screen printing company. Jobs include: picking garments (with scanners), folding, packing, stickers, sorting, quality control, graphic arts processing, administrative tasks, and IT.


F&M Expressions

A custom heat transfer company. Jobs include: graphic design and art processing. 



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An order fulfillment company. 

A sealing solutions manufacturing


The second largest mall in the United States.

A retail store located in the American Dream mall.

The second largest pharmacy store chain in the United States

A product development company. 

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